Houston Hackerspace Meetup : Saturday June 4, 2:00PM

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Saturday June 4, 2:00PM

TX/RX Labs Hackerspace

2010 Commerce St

Houston, TX 77002


The third meeting of the Houston Less Wrong group will be this coming Saturday at TX/RX Labs at 2:00PM. We had some success last time, with Orange Cat (I apologize if I got the formatting of your handle wrong) showing up during the meeting time, and another prospective member who showed up earlier in the day. Hopefully Saturday will be easier for some people.


We have decided to do a reading group on Jayne's "Probability Theory: The Logic of Science". We're still knocking around the reading schedule, so if you want to get involved, let me know. We will hopefully be doing other things as well, but I'll start scheduling those as we get more interest.


Pizza or prepared food are a possibility, if people show up hungry. We have a full kitchen in the hackerspace.


A pictoral view



This is the set of buildings that the hackerspace is in. It's difficult to see our front from this angle - unfortunately google maps decided to map everything but our little section of commerce street. It's near where the white truck and red motorcycle are. Currently, there is an old military vehicle and generator in front.


Empy Lot

And this is the empty lot that you can park in if all the nearby marked spots are taken..


For more reference: