Victoria BC meetup Monday May 23rd 5pm

by Owen_Richardson1 min read14th May 20111 comment


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This little town doesn't seem to have much in the way of a lesswronger presence (search turns up me and one other user who hasn't been active since 2009), but damnit I'm here right now and I may as well give it a try!

Therefore I'll be at the Starbucks near the Market on Yates on Monday May 23rd from 5 pm to at least 6 pm.

I'll be reading a copy of "Theory of Instruction: Principles and Applications". Or writing on my laptop I guess. Actually, let's make this easy: Whatever I'm doing, I'll be wearing a black tricorn hat with gold piping and a giant white plume.

I'll be there anyway, but if any Victorianites out there are reading this, please, please do contact me, especially if you want to come but need a different time and/or location.

All right, here's hoping to see you there, all my hypothetical Victoria lesswrong homies!