On important mistake in "Three Worlds Collide" and... love

I want to point out one important mistake in "Three Worlds Collide". I hope Yudkowsky will see my post and improve his future writing. And also I think this post will be of general interest to everybody, especially to men. I will use a fragment from the novel to discuss women behavior.

"Three Worlds Collide" reads:

"So," the Lord Pilot finally said. "What kind of asset retains its value in a market with nine minutes to live?"


The Master laughed. "All right, that was too obvious. Well... chocolate, sex -"

"Not necessarily," said the Lord Pilot. "If you can use up the whole supply of chocolate at once, does demand outstrip supply? Same with sex - the value could actually drop if everyone's suddenly willing. Not to mention: Nine minutes?"

"All right then, expert oral sex from experienced providers. And hard drugs with dangerous side effects; the demand would rise hugely relative to supply -"

The problem is in phrase "the value could actually drop if everyone's suddenly willing". First of all, there is no sense to talk about any kind of economy if there is 9 minutes left. And of course, 9 minutes is simply too few time to have sex. But these were minor, obvious points. So for the rest of this post I will assume that we have 9 days or weeks left, not minutes, and thus we still have some kind of economy.

Now to the main point: price of paid sex compared to other goods and services (I mean here money men pay to women for sex) will not get sufficient drop if there is 9 days or weeks to live. And to understand this we need to dig to human psychology and instincts.

Man's willingness to have sex with particular woman (and his pleasure) does not depend on whether he knows her and on his opinion on her. The willingness depends on her appearance only.

But woman's willingness (and pleasure) do depend on how much she knows him and on her attitude towards him, i. e. on her mental picture of his character. (And on his appearance, of course.)

And women are more picky. Again, due to their instincts.

In other words, women are mostly demisexuals.

Why so? Well, evolution. Evolution shaped Babyeaters weirdness (from part 1 of "Three Worlds Collide"), and evolution shaped humans.

At this point some (male) readers probably will say: "How this is possible? This contradicts to materialistic picture of the world. You appeal to supernatural phenomenons. How can woman's mental image of character of man influence her sexual pleasure?" Well, there is nothing supernatural here. For the same reason as laugh is not supernatural. Imagine that you have read some smart joke. This joke caused you to laugh. I. e. some (possibly very abstract) thought cause physiological reaction. Same thing happens to women.

Yes, it will be difficult for men and women to understand each other.

So-called romantic behavior of men (courtship) is exactly actions, which stimulate her sexual desire. And men do this from rational reasons, i. e. because they want women to want them.

Romantic films stimulate women sexual desire, too. Similarly to how horror movies stimulate people's fear.

And romantic films are... superstimulus (similarly to superstimulus our heroes saw in part 3 of "Three Worlds Collide"). They are superstimulus: real women (unfortunately) never will see same behavior from men they see in films. These films exploit the human essence.

But, of course, realistic films exist. And if you watch them carefully, you will see confirmation of my words. Same applies to serious fictional writing.

And that is why when people have paid sex men usually pay to women and not vice-versa. If woman doesn't know a man, then she usually doesn't want him.

And now let's return to the topic. Will price of paid sex drop before end of the world? Of course, no. Because nothing will change. Woman will still be picky. They still will not want to have sex with stranger (due to instincts). Thus (in last 6 days or weeks of world) female prostitution will remain. Yes, people will have more free sex (because they will have more free time and they will want to get their last pleasure). But paid sex will not disappear.

Next phrases tell us on "expert oral sex". I. e. the author implies that "expert oral sex" is somehow different from usual sex. Well, yes, it differs. But main points remain: typical woman doesn't want sex with typical stranger.

At this point you may say: "Okay, why I should believe you? Why I should trust you in that the world works as you described?" Well, go ask anybody you trust. Some man or woman. I hope they will confirm what I say.

Now you can say: "What is big deal? You wrote this big post when you have read just one small sentence of "Three Worlds Collide" ". Well, "Three Worlds Collide" shows up immediately if I open Yudkowsky's page. And (similarly to his other fictional writing) this is, of course, not just a fiction writing. This is political statement. And it should be perfect. And I'm nearly sure that that Lord Pilot's words are author's position. But, again, I hope everybody understands that this my post is constructive critique, not an insult.

Okay, now let me tell more why I wrote this. I'm 31 y. o. male. And I have autism. (And yes, I had free sex with a woman, if you are curious.) It was very hard to me to understand women behavior. I learn human behavior all my life similarly to how xenopsychologists learn alien psychology. So now I want to share my knowledge with wider audience. When I saw that place from "Three Worlds Collide" I decided this is perfect occasion to write this post. The mere fact that the author did this mistake means that many other men probably don't understand women psychology properly.

P. S. I hope moderators will publish this to Frontpage. Guides say that Frontpage is for "timeless" texts. What is more timeless than love? :)

P. P. S. I'm not native English speaker. If you see any errors, please, write me direct message

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