Discussion article for the meetup : Seattle Board Games

WHEN: 08 January 2012 01:01:30PM (-0800)

WHERE: 15207 NE 72nd St, Redmond, WA 98052, USA

Come play board games with fellow LWers and friends in Redmond!

Go to http://groups.google.com/group/lw-seattle to arrange carpooling.

Discussion article for the meetup : Seattle Board Games

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My husband & I are very much looking forward to attending. This will be the first time I have attended anything related to lesswrong (he went to the AI conf. in SanFran this year). We were planning to be there at 4pm. Is there anything we can bring other than a board game?

How late do these usually go? I'd like to come, but I was already making plans that day. I can shorten them slightly and come mid-afternoon if this is going to go into the evening.

No usually yet. This is the first board game meetup we've done. :) Also, the meetup says it starts at 1 PM but I believe a strong contingent are arriving at 4 PM. I don't actually remembering specifying a start time on the "Add new meetup" page.....

Here's what I said on the mailing list: "Let's play board games! At my place on Sunday Jan 8th. Official start time for coordination is 4 PM I guess, though come as early as 1 PM and I'll be hosty and game. I'm on the east side, so car pools might be good, e.g. John Salvatier can drive some folks. I have lots of board games - if you have your own favorites, bring them too. No ending time specified but come and leave whenever you'd like, board games work fine like that. I have plenty of space and chairs unless we get to like a dozen people"

Would be very glad to see one of these events a few thousand miles closer to home.

Don't have an appropriate living space to organize it myself, sadly.