RESCHEDULED: NYC Rationality Megameetup and Unconference. NOW: 4/5 - 4/6

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We are rescheduling the megameetup, to accommodate more members of the NYC community, and to be closer to the date of the next CFAR NY workshop.

Reposting the description with updated details here:

On the weekend of April 5-6, the NYC community will be hosting a megameetup and rationality unconference. Everyone who can make the trip is strongly encouraged to come. There will be presentations, interesting discussions, and cake.

This will be an unconference, and as such will be a highly participatory event. There won't be scheduled presentations -- participants will sign up on the day of the event (15-minutes per presentation) in order to present.

If you'd like to help out, or if you need crash space, please send me a PM.

If you already commented on whether you are coming, please post again on the meetup page here:


851 Park Place
Brooklyn, NY 11216

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