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For Yvain.

I can commit to posting regularly scheduled open threads, if that appeals. Discuss scheduling in comments.

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I want to be a good citizen of Less Wrong. Any advice?

1) For example, should I vote on everything I read?

2) Is it okay for me to get into back and forth discussions on comment threads? (e.g. A comments on B, B comments on A's comment, A comments on B's new comment, times 5-10) Or should I simply make one comment and leave it at that.

I am asking out of pure ignorance. not judging anything I've seen here, I just want to get advice.

1) Upvoting anything unusually good or downvoting anything unusually bad is a public service, but I don't think there's a need to do it for everything.

2) No problem, that's part of the point of moving to threaded comments.

Assuming some interesting things are posted here that wouldn'tve been posted otherwise, I would say these should be monthly. However, since anyone can make posts, it may be that there isn't much left for the open threads, in which case there's no point to them.