In places where COVID-19 is already widespread, lockdowns may not be fully lifted until we have widespread vaccinations. It is unlikely we will have widespread vaccinations before 2021. It is therefore prudent to contingency for 8 months or more of lockdown.

If you're financially secure then now could be a great time to begin long-term projects like gardening, writing a novel, physical training or learning a new skill.

Is anyone else starting projects like this?

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William Walker

May 08, 2020


Yes, I've been working from home since March, so have "ramped up physical training" in the sense that the borderline-personality collie demands that I run 20 miles per day now ;)

Although vaccines won't be available, there are other strategies available now that can reduce severity. One is NAD+ boosting, that ameliorates the single biggest defect in old cells, the downregulation of PARP10: