I am referring to the very specific case where humans, as known to us, no more actively shape the environment surrounding them, due to an AGI take over.

Whatever entity comes after, will it start to explore the galaxy? Will it pursue new or old fundamental questions?

I was wondering if there were some references with first principle arguments that discuss these topics.

Example: imagine our genes using us to wonder around the universe through a better species (for galactic inoculation). Then we would share something with an AGI, no matter how different it is from us.[1] From this, we might start reducing the number of possible futures. 

Understanding the above question would allow me to get some insights into the kind of actions an AGI would potentially take towards humans (to me a less scary scenario of the near future profit-driven technological wild-west interfering with our freedom).

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    I also assume even an AGI can not get rid off the genes, at least not easily. Not sure how to justify this though.

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