Tortuga Meetups Starting this Thursday

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Shannon and I are going to be hosting South Bay Less Wrong meetups at the Tortuga community in Mountain View on Thursday nights starting at 7.  Come prepared to reveal something you're consistently irrational about.  We'll spend some time throwing ideas around and then hang out and mingle.  

Bringing paleo-friendly food is a bonus but not required.  

If you'd like to come, request an invitation from our google group, Tortuga Rationalists.

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Will there be vegetarian-friendly food as well? Or should I just bring some to make sure I don't starve? :-D

Edit: I'm going straight from work, but if anyone needs a ride back to the San Mateo area (SM, Belmont, San Carlos, Foster City, Redwood Shores, Burlingame) please let me know.

Bring paleo-friendly vegetarian food :-).

Is that a euphemism for "lettuce"? Or do you have concrete suggestions?

[I must admit that I have been completely uninterested in the paleo-diet, so I have not researched how it can be made vegetarian friendly. My usual food to bring to potlucks is along the lines of veggie chow mein, which I understand is not paleo-friendly...]

I eat vegetarian paleo myself, so I can think of stuff. I eat lots of cheese, butter, coconut oil, eggs, vegetables, and tubers. I also don't avoid soaked and fermented rice and legumes. I also approve of very dark chocolate.

Hrm, apparently you do have concrete suggestions, that convinced me that I wouldn't be able to survive on paleo-diet for 12 hours :( How strict are the paleo-friendly rules? If they're really strict, I can just grab something to eat before coming, otherwise, I'll bring something nice and tasty...

There are no strict rules at all :-). I strongly encourage that food brought to share with the group be paleo-friendly, but you can do whatever, and certainly you can eat whatever you want yourself.

OK, I was feeling very conflicted on this, until I realized this might just be an inferential distance thing. I tried to clarify my confusion....and realized: I am not sure why the encouragement to bring paleo-diet exists. Do you assume most people attending would keep to paleo-diet? (That's not my model, but perhaps I'm wrong) Do you want to encourage people to try paleo-diet? If so, is it because you assume most people haven't tried it, and would subscribe if they tried it?

I'm sorry to be a pain about this...but I think we should be, at the very least, able to discuss snacks at a less wrong meet-up in a rational way :)

Did you consider the possibility that I liked paleo food better and wanted it at the meetup for that reason :-).

I guess the level of encouragement for paleo-food seemed to be more insistent than would be typical for a personal preference. Also, possibly it's a case of a Typical Mind Fallacy, but no, it's hard for me to consider the possibility that people actually like paleo food. But thanks for explaining :) [My usual rule when telling people to bring food is: "Bring something you like. This way everybody has at least one thing they like."]

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When we were trying to sort out what dinners we could eat at the London meet in March, I thought of my blatantly faddy diet as specifically my problem, and that there was literally a single thing on the menu that I could have was not something it would have been reasonable to try to make into others' problems. (Though I did get whiny about my self-inflicted angst. And the one thing- the chicken salad - was actually really nice and much better than the quality of food I've come to expect from that pub chain.)

Darn... reading the title I thought you meant the infamous pirate island :)

Yay, consistent bay area meetups! : ) I'll be sure to try to show up.

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Is there anyone driving from Santa Cruz?

Did I miss something? Why do meetups have summaries agin?