New York OB Meetup (ad-hoc) on Monday, Mar 24, @6pm

by Eliezer Yudkowsky1 min read22nd Mar 200823 comments


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Correction:  The giant Starbucks is at 13 Astor Place #25, not 51 Astor which is a smaller Starbucks.  (Yes, there are two Starbucks a block apart, here.)  The smaller Starbucks has metal steps and a ramp leading up; don't go here.  The giant Starbucks, which is where we want to go, is next to Lafayette and Astor.

I (Eliezer) am in New York at the moment, and will have some time free on Monday night, March 24th, to meet any interested New York Overcoming Bias readers.

Where:  The giant Starbucks at 13 Astor Place #25, New York, NY 10003
When:  6pm, this Monday (March 24th, 2008)
Who:  Eliezer Yudkowsky (866-983-597), Carl Shulman

If you plan on attending, please leave a comment, so we know to expect you.  If you're going to arrive later than 6pm, please note this as well.

I'll also be at Princeton on Sunday.  My time is already mostly spoken for, but if you're at Princeton and desperately want to meet up, comment or email before 7am tomorrow.