Title is a bit clickbaity but content lives up to it.

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What exactly is the lesson here? That there is money to be made if you have a group of people who understand cryptos and can quickly write code that exploits the latest market inefficiency? (Assuming the stories are true, of course.)

I wrote the post, everything is true.

In general I find stories of how others have succeeded interesting and useful. It's also interesting to see how various markets are inefficient at times. Same motivation as my post on prediction markets last year.

Ah, sorry, didn't mean to accuse you. It's just general skepticism, when I read something online, before I ask myself: "how did this happen?", I try to ask myself: "do I have any evidence that it actually happened?".

Because there are people out there, such as Kiyosaki, whose business model is to write a fictional book about getting rich using superior wisdom, and then selling seminars where they teach this wisdom. Whether the wisdom works for you or not, Kiyosaki definitely gets his money.

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