List of prompts for brainstorming COVID response project ideas

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Suggested use: go through the questions, bullet out a couple things for each, and then at the end you'll probably have a couple project ideas that are uniquely suited to you.

Your personal interests

  • What outcomes are you personally most concerned about? Especially things where you feel like you're more concerned than others.
  • What questions or things do you find yourself most frequently wondering about?
  • What are your urgent or critical challenges?
  • What do you wish someone else would do?


Because a hard part of many projects is reaching the people needed to build it, or reaching the people who you want to use it / benefit from it.

  • Current and past work connections
  • School connections
  • Social connections
  • Family and extended family, and their connections
  • Family friends
  • Online forums or communities

Skills and aptitudes

  • What things do other people view as "work" that you do for fun?
  • What things are really easy for you?
  • What are your skills?
  • What are your aptitudes?
  • What have you built, worked on, or done in the past?

Other resources

  • What other resources or assets do you have? For example, ways you can reach certain audiences, excess financial capital?


  • How much time are you willing to spend on a COVID related project before seeing positive results?
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