Call for volunteers: clean up the LW issue tracker

by matt1 min read12th Jul 20117 comments


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I'm looking for a volunteer (or volunteers).

We've let the Lesswrong issue tracker get out of hand - there are 99 open issues on it, and I think that many of them are resolved by changes since they were opened, are less than awesome ideas, or, for the remainder, are valid ideas.

I'd love someone to volunteer to go through all of the open issues, close those that are complete or silly, and tag/prioritise those that remain. I'll need to give you the power to do that, so please nominate yourself in the comments.

Once the list is cleaned up, I think Trike can keep it organised.


ETA: Nic_Smith seems to have this well in hand - serious kudos, Nic. Thank you.

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Are there any guidelines, or is it just a matter of using not-terrible judgement (especially for telling "less than awesome" from "valid")?

Just a "not-terrible judgement" filter is better than the near total lack of attention the tickets are getting now. If you kill a ticket and the originator is passionate about it, they can re-post it. Are you a volunteer?

Yep, sure thing.

I think the whole LW community appreciates your work! :D

Thank you Nic. Your changes are flowing through, and your work is very appreciated.

A quick status update -- the tracker is down to 52 open issues right now. Roughly half of these look okay to me, and the other half consists of issues that I can't evaluate at a glance. I'll go over my notes again and see if I can do anything with these to find out if they're still relevant, and tag them somehow if not.