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Willing to share some words that changed your beliefs/behavior?

by Duncan_Sabien1 min read23rd Mar 20194 comments


Updated Beliefs (examples of)

I'm collecting data on powerfully persuasive speech acts; it's part of a dangling thread of curiosity after GPT-2 (a new and fairly powerful text generation algorithm). I'm skeptical of the danger of mind-warping sentences as sometimes presented in fiction, or AI scenarios, and trying to get a sense of what the territory is like.

I've made a form to collect personal examples of things-someone-said that caused you to seriously change some belief or behavior. An easy example would be if someone declared that they love you, and this caused you to suddenly devote a lot more (or a lot less!) time and attention to them as a person.

If you have five minutes, my goal for this form is 1000+ responses and your own response(s) will help with that. All replies are anonymous, and there's a place for you to restrict how the information is used/state confidentiality desires. You can also fill it out more than once if you want.

https://goo.gl/forms/39x3vJqNomAome382 is the link to the form, if you want to share with anyone else; I'm happy to have this spread around wherever.

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