Meetup : Munich Meetup (updated)

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Discussion article for the meetup : Munich Meetup (updated)

WHEN: 01 April 2013 04:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: 48.151006,11.590769

The next Munich meetup will take place on April 1st (as decided in the doodle). If the weather is sunny, we will meet outside, somewhere in Englischer Garten, in case of bad weather, the location is the café at Gasteig (right behind the escalator going up to the Stadtbücherei). Edit: Yeah, that’s indoors weather. We’ll meet at Gasteig. We don’t have any specific activities planned, but I think it would be fun to try Zendo. You should come and say hi, no matter how long you’ve been reading LessWrong. If you plan to attend, please (optionally) post a comment saying what topics you’d like to discuss.

Discussion article for the meetup : Munich Meetup (updated)