Value Learning

Oct 29, 2018

by rohinmshah

This is a sequence investigating the feasibility of one approach to AI alignment: ambitious value learning.

(The sequence will update with a second half on related topics in a few weeks.)

Preface to the Sequence on Value Learning

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Ambitious Value Learning

What is ambitious value learning?

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The easy goal inference problem is still hard

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Humans can be assigned any values whatsoever…

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Latent Variables and Model Mis-Specification

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Model Mis-specification and Inverse Reinforcement Learning

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Future directions for ambitious value learning

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Goals vs Utility Functions

Ambitious value learning aims to give the AI the correct utility function to avoid catastrophe. Given its difficulty, we revisit the arguments for utility functions in the first place.

Intuitions about goal-directed behavior

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Coherence arguments do not imply goal-directed behavior

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