By reader request, a list of trigger warnings - parts of the story with potentially traumatic associations for some readers.

Readers wishing to fully brace themselves mentally may click the appropriate links for complete, spoilerized warnings (i.e., deliberately dilute and avert the whole emotional impact).

Readers who do not wish spoilers, but do wish to know which chapters to watch out for, see here.

  • Discussion (not depiction) of nonconsensual sex.
  • First-person depiction (experienced by viewpoint character) of strong bullying.
  • Psychologically disturbing (usually experienced by viewpoint character) -- psychological instability. Said emotional distress can be highly disturbing for those who have experienced mental illness and/or emotional abuse/neglect, or otherwise doubt (or have previously doubted) their own mental/emotional sanity or stability.... Does not occur in any one specific area, but increases in intensity at least up to Ch. 25.
  • Violent character death. Very large spoiler.