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Might or might not be overlapping with:

It seems like this tag is a subset of the other one. I've added (very tentative) descriptions for both tags, but don't know they should be merged or not.

edit made two minutes later: not a subset i guess, since individuals can start projects

I propose merging them as 'Organization and Project Updates', for a few reasons:

  • The distinction between an org and a project isn't crucial, and may be fuzzy sometimes. (E.g., GovAI is sort of its own thing, but is also a 'project' of FHI.)
  • It's not clear to me what should qualify as an 'announcement', whereas I understand pretty well what an 'update' is.
  • All else being equal, having fewer tags tends to be more useful (you can find a larger number of posts immediately) and has less cognitive overhead (the site's users don't have to memorize as many categories in order to tag their own posts or efficiently navigate to others' posts).

To me, "update" feels distinctly like it applies to existing things, so that excludes many announcements, which are of new things. It kind of seems like announcements is the broader category.

It leaves me thinking the ideal tag is Project/Org Announcements & Updates