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Could you save lives in your community by buying oxygen concentrators from Alibaba?

I rewrote the question-- I think I meant 'counterfactual' in that this isn't a super promising idea if in fact we are just taking medical supplies from one group of people and transferring them to another.

I don't know anything about maintenance/cleaning, was thinking it would be in particular useful if we straight up run out of ICU space-- i.e., there is no alternative to go to an ICU. (Maybe this is a super unlikely class of scenarios?)

Tessellating Hills: a toy model for demons in imperfect search

You're totally not obligated to do this, but I think it might be cool if you generated a 3D picture of hills representing your loss function-- I think it would make the intuition for what's going on clearer.

Rohin Shah on reasons for AI optimism

We're not going to do this because we weren't planning on making these public when we conducted the conversations, so we want to give people a chance to make edits to transcripts before we send them out (which we can't do with audio).

Rohin Shah on reasons for AI optimism

The claim is a personal impression that I have from conversations, largely with people concerned about AI risk in the Bay Area. (I also don't like information cascades, and may edit the post to reflect this qualification.) I'd be interested in data on this.