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"Science Cathedrals"

San Jose has The Tech Interactive (formerly The Tech Museum of Innovation) located in the downtown. I remember going often as a kid, and being enthralled by the interactions and exhibits. One of the best is located outside, for free: a 2-story tall Rube Goldberg machine that shuffles billiards balls through various contraptions. Absolutely mesmerizing.

AGI Ruin: A List of Lethalities

I'd have more hope - not significant hope, but more hope - in separating the concerns of (a) credibly promising to pay big money retrospectively for good work to anyone who produces it, and (b) venturing prospective payments to somebody who is predicted to maybe produce good work later.


I desperately want to make this ecosystem exist, either as part of Manifold Markets, or separately. Some people call it "impact certificates" or "retroactive public goods funding"; I call it "equity for public goods", or "Manifund" in the specific case.

If anyone is interested in:

a) Being a retroactive funder for good work (aka bounties, prizes)

b) Getting funding through this kind of mechanism (aka income share agreements, angel investment)

c) Working on this project full time (full-stack web dev, ops, community management)

Please get in touch! Reply here, or message

New Water Quality x Obesity Dataset Available

Thanks again Elizabeth for pushing forward this initiative; Slime Mold Time Mold's obesity hypothesis has been one of the most interesting things I've come across in the last couple years, and I'm glad to see citizen research efforts springing up to pursue it~

The credit for combining the data set really goes to Oliver S and Josh C; I mostly just posted the bounty haha:

Here's a List of Some of My Ideas for Blog Posts

I'm biased towards all the prediction market ones, naturally haha. In case you wanted to get a head start on manipulating markets for fun & profit:

The AI Countdown Clock

I like this a lot! I am also the kind of person to use a new tab death clock, though your post inspired me to update it to my own AI timeline (~10 years).

I briefly experimented with using New Tab Redirect to set your site as my new tab page, but I think it takes a smidgen longer to load haha (it needs to fetch the Metaculus API or something?) Eliezer's latest story, past 1M words

Sorry about that - had some configuration issues. It should work now! Eliezer's latest story, past 1M words

Thanks! I tried splitting into smaller sections (half the size) so that we don't have this issue as much; not sure what other solutions look like. Eliezer's latest story, past 1M words

Yeah probably a stale caching layer, what fic were you reading? Glowflow doesn't read from an epub, it's reading html from the site itself.

Lemme try rebooting to see if that refreshes. That's obviously not sustainable... I didn't expect people to actually use it for a live, updating fic lol.

Edit: added a "Clear cache" button, hope that solves it! Eliezer's latest story, past 1M words

dark mode seems to have stopped working


Hm, do you have "dark mode" toggled on the sidebar? (There's two settings unfortunately due to how Streamlit is set up):


The outer box doesn't widen together with the text and background, and the text doesn't stay centered

Yeah unfortunately this is mostly working-as-implemented. The box size isn't a thing I can change; "Wide Mode" lets it the box be big, otherwise it's small.

Text centering might be possible if you're in "Wide Mode" -- I'll look into that.

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