"How We Decide", by Jonah Lehrer, kindle version on sale for 99 cents at amazon

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I don't know how proper this is, but I'm quite cheap and like a bargain, and I've seen Lehrer referred to a number of times here. I hadn't read Kahneman before, but bought the kindle version and read him on my phone whenever I had some wait time somewhere.

It's better than a mokeskin pouch! I can have the top *thousand* books I'm reading on me at all times, and just pull one out anywhere! I never have to waste another minute of my life!

I don't like spam anymore than anyone else, but I'm going to be getting it cheap, and I just want everyone else who wants it to get it cheap too. It's okay to spam people about cheap books, right? That's a family tradition.

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I've started reading it. Maybe it picks up, but I'm getting tired of the blah blah blah anecdotes, and all the pontificating about how philosophy has elevated reason over emotion. I get it - can we move on?

Kahneman's book was much more concise and to the point. Maybe because Hahneman is actually a scientist with decades of experience to draw from, instead of a journalist?

It says $2.99 for me. (If saying "99 cents" was Dark Arts, it worked.)

I don't know anything about this book, but I upvoted based on the way you wrote this post ^_^

thanks for the heads up.