People used to game together. These days, you can't even put a chat window in your online card game because you have to hire moderators to deal with people being assholes to each other and/or would-be child molesters, and that's a whole lot more expensive than just not letting players talk to each other. Unless you're World of Warcraft, it just doesn't pay.

Yes, the webcomic and associated forums were taken offline several years ago.

It is now 15 years later. We have large neural nets trained on large amounts of data that do impressive things by "learning" extremely complicated algorithms that might as well be black boxes, and that sometimes have bizarre and unanticipated results that are nothing like the ones we would have wanted.

Let me amend my statement: the afterlives as described by the world's major religions almost certainly do not exist, and it is foolish to act as though they do.

As for other possibilities, I can address them with the "which God" objection to Pascal's Wager; I have no evidence about how or if my actions while alive affect whatever supernatural afterlife I may or may not experience after death, so I shouldn't base my actions today on the possibility.

If you have a signal that repeats over and over again, you actually can eventually recover it through noise. I don't know the exact math, but basically the noise will "average out" to nothing, while the signal will get stronger and stronger the more times it repeats.

It's entirely possible to take the Fourier transform of noise and see what sine waves you'd have to add together to reproduce the random data. So it's not true that noise doesn't contain sine waves; ideal "white noise" in particular contains every possible frequency at an equal volume.

My impression is that most "gum disease" is caused by bacterial infections, which are treatable with antibiotics and/or antiseptic mouthwash? Or are there other common things called "gum disease" that aren't infections?

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