What are the best ways to improve resiliency?

For me, antidepressant medication makes a huge difference in how much I can tolerate setbacks, demands, interruptions, and other annoying bullshit.

This kind of tolerance is not always a good thing, however, as this anecdote shows:

The punch line comes when he asks one of his patients how her antidepressant medication is working. “It’s working great,” she says. “I feel so much better. But I’m still married to the same alcoholic son of a bitch. It’s just now he’s tolerable.”

The dumbest kid in the world (joke)

Why does this joke remind me of Newcomb's Problem?

Seven Years of Spaced Repetition Software in the Classroom

This seems like it would really suck if you're trying to learn something that doesn't have a simpler model than the thing itself. English spelling can be like this: you either know how to spell "through" and "separate" or you don't. I've always found foreign language vocabulary to be the hardest thing for me to learn in school. It's terribly incompressible. Knowing that "red" is "rojo" and that "blue" is "azul" doesn't help you at all when trying to remember that "green" is "verde". I wasn't terrible at it, but my usual trick of "remembering things by actually understanding what's going on, so I can compensate for imperfect memorization" was completely useless.

A simple way to make GPT-3 follow instructions

Someone on Reddit got GPT-3 to figure out the mystery in the story he was writing, when no human reader had guessed the correct solution yet.

The case for aligning narrowly superhuman models

Someone on Reddit managed to successfully get GPT-3 to guess the solution to his mystery story, which none of the human readers had figured out yet.

Deflationism isn't the solution to philosophy's woes

Philip K Dick gave a pretty good informal definition of reality: "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."

Technological stagnation: Why I came around

It's the grid-level storage problem. Solar panels don't produce much energy at night, wind doesn't blow all the time, etc., so you need to produce extra energy and store it for when production is less than demand.

Technological stagnation: Why I came around

Shipping small packages from China to the US via the USPS has been subsidized - the price of mailing a Beanie Baby from Beijing to New York has been lower than the price charged to mail that same Beanie Baby from Los Angeles to New York. One of the few things the Trump administration did right was renegotiate the international postal system treaties so that China doesn't get "developing nation" subsidies any more.

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