Journal article: "The Mythical Taboo on Race and Intelligence"

by CronoDAS1 min read16th Oct 202011 comments


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I've heard people making the claim that "race and IQ" research was effectively taboo and surpressed independently of its scientific merit, but I haven't seen people arguing against that claim before. I haven't critically examined this article's arguments, but its existence makes it seem worth linking to.


Recent discussions have revived old claims that hereditarian research on race differences in intelligence has been subject to a long and effective taboo. We argue that given the extensive publications, citations, and discussions of such work since 1969, claims of taboo and suppression are a myth. We critically examine claims that (self-described) hereditarians currently and exclusively experience major misrepresentation in the media, regular physical threats, denouncements, and academic job loss. We document substantial exaggeration and distortion in such claims. The repeated assertions that the negative reception of research asserting average Black inferiority is due to total ideological control over the academy by “environmentalists,” leftists, Marxists, or “thugs” are unwarranted character assassinations on those engaged in legitimate and valuable scholarly criticism.