I know the guy running the githug repo and his sources, that'll do me for now.

Worse case scenario I'd take it over entirely.

I guess the definition of "rationalist community" has grown too far, and now means more or less "anyone who seems smart and either pays lip service to reason or is a friend with the right people".

If you really think that you should add the definition here:

I'm not sure how others have been using the word

Please read the article for plenty of examples and get back to me how your view compares or differentiates!

Regarding setting up a gaming server, that seems like something feasible to spin off the Slack or Discord chats. If you're a gamer, Discord is pretty cool an I recommend it. (I was once a gamer like you but I decided I was wasting my life so waste my life writing wikis instead ;) )

Developing the most important ideas would fall under 'rationalist research'.

How's my write up?

What are your thoughts on the most agreeable umbrella term?


I've captured the key info for future expansion but I don't have the time to dive the entire list myself, so understanding notable people, conversations and activities would be greatly appreciated!

I have written the most comprehensive high-level history of transhumanism and I would love to flesh out these earlier days better. Grab me on Slack or did you prefer some other channel?

That would be an insane amount of work

Not at all. Once you're familiar with syntax, it's far less work than creating e.g. an original article summary for instance.

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