Possibly of more interest to old school Extropians, you may be aware the defunct Extropy Institute's website is very slow and broken, and certainly inaccessible to newcomers.

Anyhow, I have recently pieced together most of the early publications, 1988 - 1996 of 'Extropy: Vaccine For Future Shock' later, Extropy: Journal of Transhumanist Thought, as a part of mapping the history of Extropianism.

You'll find some really interesting very early articles on neural augmentation, transhumanism, libertarianism, AI (featuring Eliezer), radical economics (featuring Robin Hanson of course) and even decentralised payment systems.

Along with the ExI mailing list which is not yet wikified, it provides a great insight into early radical technological thinking, an era mostly known for the early hacker movement.

Let me know your thoughts/feedback!


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I scanned in Extropy 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 16, and 17, which leaves only #2 missing. How can I send these to you? Contact me at [my LessWrong user name] at gmail.com.

There is a way that you can copy here the link for the missing issues? Or perhaps could you email me with the link?

Hi, see above for my email address. Email me a request at that address. I don't have your email. I just sent you a message.

ADDED in 2021: Some people tried to contact me thru LessWrong and Facebook. I check messages there like once a year.  Nobody sent me an email at the email address I gave above. I've edited it to make it more clear what my email address is.

Nine months ago PhilGoetz offered to send you all the missing issues except number 2. However, I don't see those issues on the H+pedia entry. Would it be possible for you guys to communicate so that this material becomes publicly accessible? Thanks.

Edit: I realized I can edit the H+pedia and host the files on my website, so I just messaged Phil myself. Waiting for his reply.

Edit2 (three months later): No reply from Phil.

Perhaps put these files up on the Internet Archive (http://archive.org/upload/) so they're preserved "forever"

I know the guy running the githug repo and his sources, that'll do me for now.

Hello, thanks for your effort.

Does anyone know, if there is a table of contents available für Extropy Magazin # 16?