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Just something I've accidentally look into Only regarding the extraction of lithium and other rare metal from concentrated sea water.

Paradoxically, increased concentration actually WORSEN the efficacy of our current technique to extract rare metals from sea water (adsorption) which was not very efficient in the first place. Presumably from higher concentration of sodium salt. For further information you can look up extraction of uranium from desalination output.

according to wikipedia, pipeline storage of Germany is currently capable of several months


I confess I do not know what they mean by that precisely, but I am under the impression that hydrogen storage as low pressure gas is very viable

In fact I if the pipeline can handle town gas, I don't see why both hydrogen and natural gas can not be produced at the same time, to hit the pareto efficiency. Natural gas more heat storage per volume, hydrogen better heat storage efficiency, depending on storage capacity, projected energy production and usage a theoretically optimal mix can be calculated.

Latest results from hydrogen electrolysis research show 95% efficiency on theoretical limit converting electricity to hydrogen.

The current mass market fuel cell conversion from hydrogen to electricity is about 70% efficiency.

I am under the impression that hydrogen storage and transport for static usages are not that significantly different from natural gas. Or natural gas facilities can be converted to manage hydrogen with relatively small cost.

my personal experiences with tradies/contractor of any kind are that 9/10 of them are there to get you [by charging enormous amount of money], it is extremely costly to find reliable ones and online reviews are not of much help since the consumer is unable to distinguish between good and reasonably priced work from the chaff [or maybe the online reviews are faked in the first place].

isn't what you suggest basically just rent to buy type of bussiness?

good point, I would amend that to reducing the marginal incentive to go around poisoning water source then

I am not sure how true is this, but my friend in comsumer protection agency told me that after a particular severe weather event there were a conspiracy to raise roof repair price between most trade workers in the area by not competing on price before the agency crack down on it.

Not even sure if the crack down had any effect to be honest.

I can see the argument that this is natural price raise due to increase demand, but look at it another way it could be seen as artificial reducing supply to increase price.

one argument against price gouging that I don't see bringing up is the 2nd order effect.

I acknowledge that price gouging can have multiples benefits and act as signal and preventing price gouging would inhibit market's direct action.

However, forbiding price gouging also disincentivise  agents from creating conditions that they can gouge others.

one extreme example: if I can price gouge water, I will be incentivised to go around poisoning all other water source to sell my water at a premium.

since I can not sell my water at a higher price, I am not incentivised to destroy water resource.

I agree, 

tbh it surprised me how infectious the delta variant is. I just could not update hard enough even against what happened in India. 

I do hope that the vaccine push is hard and fast enough, but I suppose we will see how it is going to turn out in the next 2 weeks.

this quote from NSW health is giving me hope

Across NSW, 78.1 per cent of the over-16 population has received a first dose COVID-19 vaccine, and 45.6 per cent are fully vaccinated to

Australian in NSW [heaviest hit region currently] here to provide singular data point.

for my personal life, 0.92 QALY for covid lockdown seems reasonable. But I am generally an introvert and tend not to go out. My friends and families are also mostly tech-literate and able to keep in touch online. I change relatively little of my habits. 

It is certainly much harder to do business 

The lockdown is not that strictly enforces [by my personal experience] and sounds worse on paper than it actually is. Mostly just security theater.

I was unaware of the Government censor on Facebook.

I agree that the government interventions are more to appear to do something than actually doing the things that could have an impact. But I assume that this is the problem with all democratic governments. Heck, at work my co-workers are still arguing for harsher lock-down while being openly anti-vax. You just can't win.

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