Scott Aaronson uploaded a review about The AI Does Not Hate You, a book by Tom Chivers.

The book:

This is a book about AI and AI risk. But it's also more importantly about a community of people who are trying to think rationally about intelligence, and the places that these thoughts are taking them, and what insight they can and can't give us about the future of the human race over the next few years.

The book has a dual purpose, it gives an account of the most important events that happened on the rationalist community while informing on the current state of the AI risk field. There's a Lesswrong discussion here.

This is to talk about Scott A. post. In the review he gives his opinions about the book, including his relationship with the rationalist community and his somewhat changing views on AI risk.

Reading Chivers’s book prompted me to reflect on my own relationship to the rationalist community.
The astounding progress in deep learning and reinforcement learning and GANs, which caused me (like everyone else, perhaps) to update in the direction of human-level AI in our lifetimes being an actual live possibility.

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