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Answer by ejacobMar 05, 202394

I think there is a temptation to think too hard here. Is there any work environment which remains equally functional as staff become increasingly entangled in personal relations with one another? Perhaps the current trend in the West to taboo workplace relationships has gone too far but there is a reason it started. I think your points here are interesting and could be true, but even if they were not you'd still have the effect of just having more intense relationships to navigate because employees can have more SOs on average. NB I have no experience or expertise; this is purely armchair sociology.


Do you have strong reasons for why the age limits are not +/- 10 years from the values given or are they meant more as ballpark figures?

The intent is obviously to avoid the gerontocracy of today, but I'm curious why you chose those specific numbers.


Running barefoot will produce the same observations, right? So any waste heat going into your shoes is probably a small amount.


I'd be happy to offer free editing services as my time allows, and maybe the research assistant role if you could describe what you need or anticipate needing a bit more. I have a BS in statistics and have worked in AI for a few years.


party girl, if you finish this series and still have club stories you end up not sharing, I would love to hear them over some coffee or lunch. I find this whole thing incredibly fascinating.


There's a neat formula starting up here. 

Crass Puppet: the glasses only give rude responses

Sass Puppet: the glasses only give sarcastic responses

Mass Puppet: the glasses convert you to Catholicism, responses are Latin prayers

Bass Puppet: the glasses... make you into a fish?

Ass Puppet: it ends in a porno



GLORY TO THE DARK LOR- I mean, dark mode.


Do you have any recommendations on resources to consult or tools to buy? I was thinking of investing some time/money into learning before you posted this and this has pushed me over the top. :)


Thanks! I thought manifold had already done this, but couldn't find the feature when I went to look for it. I'll check again and then contact them if I still don't see it. Among the players I know they seem the most likely to be interested in doing it.


Is anyone aware of an online platform for making private forecasting tournaments / prediction markets with play money? Ideally I want to send someone a link, have them make an account, and then have access to a group of private questions I've made.

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