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Write a Thousand Roads to Rome

No, i didn't. But i will read

Wireless is a trap

I already know about all this problems, i don't think that it is cause to don't use wireless, i also just use wires for not portable like PC (53 routers make big problems with wi-fi) and wireless Bluetooth/WI-FI/4G for portable like phone and headphones.

Write a Thousand Roads to Rome

Agree. I recently came up with the principle that cached wording can often be misinterpreted, so each time you need to retell the idea in other words so that there is less chance of misunderstanding. Usually, if your interlocutor reacts strangely and absurdly to a completely normal thing, then most likely he understood it differently from you, and you need to repeat it differently.

My Bayesian Enlightenment

Bayes gives you an ability to calculate values for different variants with hypotensis in base, not with combinations of it in base. And you don't know by magic that mathematic has one boy, you see something in reality, don't get data from search or question. Of course, you need to use P("i see that mathematic said: i have one boy"), not P("i see that mathematic has one boy"), and also not P("i ask a question: is one of your kids a boy, and get answer: yes").

Truly Part Of You

Once i had a dispute, i told that in world with internet you don't need to know and remember facts or principles because you can just google, my opponent told that with this method you don't have general picture and understanding in your head. Now i understand that i was wrong.

The Simple Truth

I can say only "Too much artchaos", so many anachronisms break the continuity of the picture in my head.


I am sorry, I did not express myself accurately enough, I just do not know a term that could briefly indicate "something similar to a computer program, but not necessarily created by an intelligent developer or even existing in an analogue of a computer; something that may be an alternative physical law", so I wrote simply "computer program", because I don’t know what else could be an alternative to elementary particles and the universal physical law.


It helps me to understand non reductable alternative world better, but i think that computer program is also reductable, not to elementary particles, but to object properties and scripts, and then to bytes and bits

Artificial Addition

At first I was perplexed, thinking that Yudkovsky for some reason wants to use programs for AI, and not neural networks. This article showed me very clearly why you need to understand the general principle first, and not try to do anything now. Even if you can randomly find answers to a specific quadratic equation, it won't solve even other quadratic equations, let alone cubic or any other problem in mathematics.

Ghosts in the Machine

To be honest, I do not understand at all how people can think that a very smart ghost is sitting in a computer, after all, they are not trying to break the processor in order to release a genie or give verbal commands to a turned off monitor. It's just very obvious to me that there is only a very stupid "ghost" in the computer who can only add bytes and that anything more complicated does not fit into his tiny calculator mind. However, I have two explanations why this is so obvious to me, firstly, my reduced empathy, which makes it easier for me to imagine a mechanism than someone's mind, and secondly, what I started programming at 9 years old is true , I don't remember if I already knew about zeros and ones, transistors, bytes and so on, but I probably knew, because even as a child I did not try to refer to a computer as intelligent, realizing that the only mind in a computer is the algorithm itself , the computer is just a big calculator that will not give the result of calculations until you press the "equal" button, even if it is obvious to you that the expression is complete, the calculator simply does not have the mind to understand this, this is just a mechanism, like a car or abacus , it would be strange to expect that they will start pressing the necessary buttons themselves if you write an explanation on a piece of paper.

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