(When I first met, I didn’t have an account, so I didn’t publish this question for a long time, I didn’t decide, and then I got used to it, but I’ll write anyway.) I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the design of the original (this) site compared to the Russian version, which was below average in user-friendliness, while this site is not only well above average, but literally the most user-friendly site I have ever used. With one exception. In the Russian version, you could use the arrows to move both between messages in a sequence, being on one of the messages, and between sequences in chapters and chapters in a book, being on their pages, respectively. Immediately, instead of the page of this sequence, you go to the last message of another if you press the arrow on the last message of the sequence. Is it possible to implement this functionality as I say? You can continue to go directly to the message, and to the sequence by its link, as now, and simply add arrows to the sequence itself. (It seems to me that it will be much more convenient, but maybe I don’t know something, maybe this functionality was before and according to the results of the polls, it was decided that the current solution is more convenient for other users, or there are some technical reasons, or it’s just me worries.)

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  1. Can you share a link the Russian LessWrong that you're referring to?
  2. When you say "arrows", do you mean keyboard buttons or arrow buttons on the webpage?