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And following up on this, "Socrateses" is probably wrong. 😅 

In Modern Greek, the plural would be Socratides (Σωκράτηδες; the primary stress is on a) or Socrates (Σωκράτες; way less commonly used).  With a 2-min search I found this ref to make the case for Socratides.

[And since I happen to have an Ancient Greek language teacher in the next room, by asking her, she gave the following reference]

In Ancient Greek, it would be Σωκράται. If you look at section "133. α" here you can find its conjugation in the example. This would be translated to either: Socrate, or most probably Socratai (again with the primary stress on "a" and with the last "ai" pronounced as the "ai" in "air". 

Given the above, the term originally used by Duncan (Socrati), is pretty damn accurate. 

Are there any updates about when the books would be available on Amazon UK or even better Amazon DE / FR to make it easier for people based in EU countries to get them?

Thanks for making the books, I'm really looking forward to get them! :-D

For a 'Bayesian Probability 101", I'm currently following Richard McElreath's Statistical Rethinking course. 

I still haven't finished it (only on Chapter 4), but so far it's all that I wanted it to be: 

It's funny cause this was recommended to me by an EA friend, so I assumed someone would have mentioned it here already. ;-) 

The link from this reply now posts to a steroids page. From the DOI in the link, I found the article here:

(for anyone interested and still looking at these comments 13y later ;-) )

I mistakenly signed twice. Will there be a duplicate check, or could you simply remove my second entry?

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The epilogue reminded me of a funny quote I've heard in a conversation about Computer Security and Encryption:

"If brute force isn't working, you're not using enough"