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There's certainly a lot of webcomics produced nowadays that explain concepts in an amusing and simple manner.

Has anyone had any experience with ?

I'd love to hear some first hand accounts. It sounds like all the things I enjoyed about going to church when I was a Christian, with the Christianity part.

thanks for the reply/message.

it looks like Sydney lacks a regular meetup at the moment.

Thanks for that. It's fascinating to get a glimpse of what rationality looks like in the real world rather than just online interchanges.

Note aside, I'm a big fan of your work. Reassures me to know rationalists are on the team for dota 2

bah I really want to get in on these, but I'd have to train it in from Ballarat!

Is it worth the effort? Who will attest?

I'm guessing this is one of Luke's ways of bringing some focus to the research of Rationality in the Academic world, and its significance to the LW community.

I hypothesize that he see's a gap there that needs more bridging.

(just my humble estimation)

If you send me your email I can send you a copy of a powerpoint I made a while back when I was running a short talk on Bayes Theorem.

most of it I got from here however:

<3 lukeprog


I'll give this a quick go.

I'm Michael. I'm 24 and live in West Sydney. I'm in LW because I pretty much stalk Lukeprog. I'm an ex-christian, who got married way too young, but got lucky in that me and my wife have grown out of faith together and really come to a place where we really support each other in everything we want to do. I love learning and all subjects, but I'm not really an expert on anything, except maybe people, which is probably one of the best places to be an expert. I'm studying professional writing next year. I find communication fascinating, and like exploring ways to close inferential gaps between people. I'm a bit of a co-ordinator. I've hosted weekly discussions groups pertaining toward Rationality and Political issues, but I find that I'm still not disciplined enough to keep persevering in them. Soon I will be changing states, and moving to Ballarat, Victoria. I plan to start attending the Melbourne LW meet up when I do (come january). The good thing about this move is that it gives me and my wife a chance to re-invent ourselves without the expectations of our friends and family defining us. I like video games, and getting good at them, but this eats more time than it's worth, so I'm aiming to quit entirely (after Diablo 3). I'm a brilliant musician, but have never been able to take it too seriously, due to the industry being flooded already, but also by getting burned by a band that had the potential to go international but was saboutaged by immature members with drug addictions. Now I just use it as a form of therapy and creative expression.

I mostly lurk on LW, I personally don't have a lot to add to the conversation here, but I think once I start going to a meet-up there will be a lot I can contribute.

That'll do for now.

This is a great idea. the LW community has great content but lacks the personal connection that makes other communities so sucessful, and this addresses it directly. It's fascinating to see what people on this site are like, what 'types' it draws and keeps.

me too :)

I follow Luke around everywhere tbh.

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