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Why I Work on Ads

I think the vast majority of my altruistic impact is through donations, I don't think my work in advertising is something harmful to offset.

I agree, but I think what you are doing is a fairly noncentral example of "working in advertising". You are helping to add good constraints on a probably-bad process.

Why I Work on Ads

this is a problem with you rather than a problem with ads

Oh, I absolutely agree that this is a problem with me rather than with ads. But the problem with me is that my brain is human. I can't totally fix the exploits in the human brain that ads target.

Given that this is a society of humans, ads seem contraindicated. I do try to avoid them, but ads are going out of my way to expose themselves to me in a way sodas mostly do not (except insofar as they are advertised).

Why I Work on Ads

Third funding model: You pay with contributed labor value

Consider how amazon turk employs people to work on small problems for small payments.

Google maps engages users to answer questions and write reviews for places they have been, for free. What if instead, occasional contributions to updating the map was the price for using it?

What if more online resources worked on a torrent-ish model where those accessing it contribute to hosting it for others? Wouldn't that be grand?

Small and Vulnerable

Correct. Though the latter depends on what someone means by "never be fixed"; trauma is always going to leave a mark but it does not have to remain debilitating nor defining.

Small and Vulnerable

We were forced to 'play outside' for hours most days and even longer on weekends. I was not even allowed to bring a book outside though sometimes I would hide them outside at night and find them the next day.

Oh stars, this gives me flashbacks. Being forced outside was the worst.

Amazingly my mom made fun of her children for being weirdos.

My mom was also a bigger bully than I ever encountered at school or in the neighborhood, figuratively and literally. It looms even larger in my head, because I had to give a damn about what the person in charge of my life thought.

ps. fiskkit review, it's a thing I'm trying out.

What topics are on Dath Ilan's civics exam?

also signing Dath Illan's nonverbal language, because why would you only make use of the visual modality when you happen to have access to a pen and writing surface?

What topics are on Dath Ilan's civics exam?
Answer by hamnoxApr 27, 202116

Intuitive and non-intuitive findings of systems theory, like what adding a second queue does or increasing the variability of a flow rate or  changing the size of a buffer.

Let's Rename Ourselves The "Metacognitive Movement"

Because rationality is not just winning!  Its about winning systematically rather than by fluke, about narrowing the diff between reality and your model of it such that the forecasted wins you aim for correspond to actual wins.

Let's Rename Ourselves The "Metacognitive Movement"

Overall agreed that metacognitive is better branding. I like rationality as in-community jargon for the thing that cognition should aim for.

Let's Rename Ourselves The "Metacognitive Movement"

fwiw I don't think rationality has much connotation of agency, except for what it's achieved by dint of association with us.

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