Hiding in a shrubbery


Li’l pots

Latex or nitrile, like you'd find at a hospital.

Most grocery stores will sell reusable rubbery gloves for cleaning, but those are usually too thick and oversized to get the fine motor control I want when cooking.

Open & Welcome Thread - January 2021

You should be skeptical about your most current one! It is likely better informed than previous ones, but that doesn't mean you're done processing.

BUT, you need to exercise that skepticism by knowing what your best understanding strongly predicts and what discrepancies should surprise you, not by trying to make yourself give humbler answers.

Open & Welcome Thread - January 2021

It seems you've had some success in thinking things through rigorously on your own, so kudos to you! I can relate to not buying into any existing worldview.

Glad you did stick around. Anything in particular about the epistemic culture that you think works especially well or poorly?

Open & Welcome Thread - January 2021

I am tickled by your website, you have interestingly suckless aesthetic. Are you open to chatting in gather.town sometime?

Everything Okay

oh dear. J is so familiar it was painful to read.

I expect to forward this post to people close to me, so we can better talk about Stress and Action without triggering all my Attack associations.

Li’l pots


  • wear gloves. seriously, major life hack for sensory dysphoria.
  • individually pack things yourself from bulk purchases right away. It can be a lovely experience, making forty little gifts to your future self.
    • It's a worse tradeoff to have to engage with bad packaging every time you want a thing. you get efficiency benefits from dealing with that all at once. you're very correct to point that out.
    • Small reusable containers exist! get beautiful ones, get neatly stackable ones, get convenient ones.
      • part of *my* experience with disposables is wincing at the environmental externalities
    • Deli paper, metal foil, plastic sheets and bags.
    • Make plates stackable in your fridge. Repurpose something used to store pot lids, probably
Heads I Win, Tails?—Never Heard of Her; Or, Selective Reporting and the Tragedy of the Green Rationalists

Crucial. I definitely remember reading this and thinking it was one of the most valuable posts I'd seen all year. Good logical structure.

But it's hard to read? It has jarring, erratic rhetoric flow; succinct where elaboration is predictably needed, and verbose where it is redundant. A mathematician's scratch notes, I think.

Mini thoughts on mintheism

I like your thought, thanks for sharing it. Also lovely to see someone else familiar with Microsolidarity.

The Amish, and Strategic Norms around Technology


I want more people to know this about the Amish! More people should have the concept of "distributed community with intentional norms that has a good relationship with the government and can mostly run on their own legal system" floating around in their head.

For followups, I'd want to see

  1. discussing the issues without proposing solutions
  2. a review of the history + outcomes of similar attempts to take the benedict option
    • this could turn out to be a terrible idea in practice, and if so I want to know that so I can start harping on about my next terrible idea

It's simple, which is not the same thing as easy. Not every attempt to try something different with norms has to look like Dragon Army.

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