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What would a zetetic explanation be for the rationality community?

by hamnox 1 min read28th Feb 20192 comments


Zetetic explanations as described by benquo (blogpost, lw linkpost).

  • Interdisciplinary
    • covers a mixture of social and natural factors leading up to the isolation of the thing
    • historical in the original, investigative sense of the term "history."
    • risks being wrong
  • Empowering
    • integrates concrete and model-based thinking that is checkable on multiple levels
    • affirms basic competence of humans to explore our world
    • centers process of discovery rather than a finished product

The rationality sequences created a community with shared language for talking about mind and optimization space. If we have that history understood on a technical level, I think we'll be better at seeing through founder effects to recognize ally and sister movements forming in other contexts.

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