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The Economics of a New Energy Source

Sorry, I might be missing something here but

  • Isn't price of energy typically measured in kW hours. Energy = Power x Time. 
  • If a space solar system can output more energy since it stays on for longer, wouldn't this mean that the cost per watt hour would naturally decrease? This would be because the price of a watt hour I imagine would be Energy / price. So, if our launch cost is a fixed cost, then we would find that E / price decreases. 
Call For Distillers

Should the role of a distiller include spotting mistakes? I assume that you'd only want distillers to get to work once you have some confidence that the original claims are correct. 

What recent academic areas of study have a sample size that is 'too small'?

Thanks Derek. I'm writing a blog post on results from small samples - may I cite your answer?