Investment idea: basket of tech stocks weighted towards AI

After looking into this a bit more, I now think holding these ETFs is a straightforward way to approximate the thesis:

It looks like glucosamine may help reduce all-cause mortality (UK Biobank study), so I might start taking that as well.

Is Success the Enemy of Freedom? (Full)

It's a big topic and I don't have a great articulation for it yet. 

Some scattered points:

  • Generally higher model uncertainty than I used to have
  • Idealism now seems as plausible as materialism
  • Panpsychism seems plausible / not-crazy, and consciousness matters a lot
  • The many-worlds interpretation seems plausible. If physics is many-worlds, we may not be able to ever escape from ethical parochialism
  • Not about metaphysics, but I've been growing less confused about my motivations such that ethical considerations no longer feel as fraught. (I used to identify my ethics with my view of my self-worth such that acting ethically seemed super important)
Is Success the Enemy of Freedom? (Full)

fwiw I've noticed that my feelings about x-risk have started to loosen recently, though it's probably because some of my metaphysics are shifting

[Link] "Where are all the successful rationalists?"

Yes! I'm also reminded of Romeo's comment about rationality attracting "the walking wounded" on a similar post from a couple years back.

I think rationality is doing pretty good, all things considered, though I definitely resonate with Applied Divinity Studies' viewpoint. Tsuyoku Naritai!

The Treacherous Path to Rationality

In folksier terms, what's being discussed is rationalists' often-strange relationship to common courtesy (i.e. Lindy social dynamics).

The Treacherous Path to Rationality

NXIVM had much recruiting success by training people on techniques that actually helped them quickly solve their present problems.

(NXIVM is a deeply problematic organization which contained a secret cult and in many ways should not be emulated.)

The rationalist community's location problem

+1 to Ann Arbor. 

As a native Ann Arborite, I can vouch for its greatness.

I've also heard hearsay about Madison, WI being good.

The rationalist community's location problem

For me to prefer a rationalist community hub, it would have to have similar kinds of support. I'm imagining a circle of parents that takes turns watching ALL the kids. Or passes toys around in an exchange circle. There is also an issue where rationalists often have very particular ideas about child rearing, and they don't all mesh. Even with people filling the child care role for each other, I think I'd strongly miss not having "elders" around. 

Makes me think of this David Brooks essay, which includes a profile of the Temescal Commons in Oakland.

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