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+1 – this game is great.

It's really good with 3-4 people giving instructions and one person in the hot seat. Great for team bonding.

What spiritual experiences have you had?

Thanks for this.

I don't have good descriptors for them presently, so I'll just note that I've had some spiritual experiences. They have tended to be very helpful for my everyday life. A few of them included powerful synchronicities.

2019 AI Alignment Literature Review and Charity Comparison

See also My current thoughts on MIRI's "highly reliable agent design" work by Daniel Dewey (Open Phil lead on technical AI grant-making).

From the "What do I think of HRAD?" section:

... This reduces my credence in HRAD being very helpful to around 10%. I think this is the decision-relevant credence.
[Link] High-performance government (Dominic Cummings)

Reflecting on this more, I'm realizing that the most important strategist of the current UK government is a straight-up rationalist (e.g. his post on AGI safety (a)).


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