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Protecting Large Projects Against Mazedom

This series reminds me a lot of Lou Keep's essay on narcissism & modernity: 1, 2

Like two fingers pointing at the moon.

On hiding the source of knowledge

See also: 7 Great Examples of Scientific Discoveries Made in Dreams

(A pop-sci article... I'd love to see a more careful study of the origins of scientific discoveries.)

On hiding the source of knowledge

"... at the extremes of steels properties we don't have to think about it."


The Road to Mazedom
... Simulacrum levels  continue to rise.

Ben's post is the best reference I've seen for this so far: Excerpts from a larger discussion about simulacra

What supplements do you use?

Apparently Metformin doesn't work when used by itself:

(I haven't poked the underlying studies.)

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+1 – this game is great.

It's really good with 3-4 people giving instructions and one person in the hot seat. Great for team bonding.

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