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Your description is beautiful in the sense that you use the word :) thank you for sharing

"pain and pain receptor spread across and through animal bodies basically is like a currency for the evolutionary perspective... so species can pay for survival with more pain(receptors)"

I found this interesting to mull on, an interesting property of pleasure and pain is acting as a universal measure of value, making trade-offs easier

I love "divine carrot" as a term! I think a lot about what it would mean to totally replace stick as motivation, like societies getting off of "burning coal indoors for warmth" maybe humans can "get off burning suffering for motivation"

Ha, maybe! Seems like while we're here though we might as well be working out way down the list of "ideas that might change everything". People report trying a lot of things and then hitting on something that works (like https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/fFY2HeC9i2Tx8FEnK/my-resentful-story-of-becoming-a-medical-miracle)

Ha, thank you! It slipped my mind, I've just added it :)

Thank you for writing this, I found it really valuable!

Noted, thank you for the feedback

From memory the first part was something Richard Bartlett tweeted, the second was my addendum 😄.

Glad you liked them 😊

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I'm tipsy and on a train, so I shall help you

sit down at a computer
open a blank document

call to mind your beloved
bring into your heart the way they make you feel

and then just type a stream of conciousness
tell the bouncer of your mind to take a break
and just type words, they don't have to make any sense at all
and just keep going

if you follow that vein down, you'll strike on high-minded sentiments worth sharing at a wedding

Expertps from things I've squiriled away under "marriage and relationships" that might be relevant to others

  • "loving someone is creating a context for their growth, fostering a deep well of reciprocal good will"
  • https://xkcd.com/2386/
  • "Relationship advice from my wise nonna. Deeply in love with husband for 60 years. After he came back from the war he was suffering from PTSD, he needed a lot of support. But she knew that they still had shared values and dreams, and she clung on to that, and nursed him back to health. This shows we can connect with people at a deeper level, not just the surface behaviour.
  • https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/PySEyxTKh5hzDeK9y/my-marriage-vows
  • "I swear
    Whatever aid you ask of me, I shall render it
    Whoever you ask me to be, I shall endeavour to become"
  • "this seems very new to you
    but seeing someone you like and building a life with them is as old as the seasons changing
    humans arn't as good at it as we used to be, because we need each other less
    but this hides the fact that we still desperately need other people, people who will be close with us
    your branches have intertwined, and if you're brave and determined they will grow
    you will grow so tall, and so vast, and the branches of your love will hold so much
    they will hold your long lives, they will hold the lives of your children the lives of your friends"
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