The Sun Room

by 4thWayWastrel1 min read12th Oct 202011 comments



I'm walking to work with a large coffee in hand. It is cold, and I am happy.

Because I am in the sun room.

I bring a task onto my mental desk. Considerations, insights, possibilities start spilling from it immediately with no effort required.

I seem to have micro thoughts within larger ones. Little jokes I make to myself, flashes of pleasant memories, ideas for tangential projects while the larger loops churn away.

I love to code here, though one must keep an eye for refactoring hubris when sitting in the sun room.

In this room I have the idea to start naming familiar states of consciousness like rooms of a house. The sun room, the doorless room, the infinity cupboard, the hole.

Sadly I've only found coffee for opening this door but daily use quickly builds tolerance in me.

So I'd very much like to know, has anyone else has found a key to the sun room?