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Austin LW/SSC Far-comers Meetup: Feb. 8, 1:30pm

Reminder: The Austin Far-comers Meetup is tomorrow! Here's the announcement on our mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/austin-less-wrong/fG6anRooLY0

Austin LW: Survey for far-traveling attendees Jan-Feb 2020

Reminder to complete this survey by the end of today.

Austin meetup notes Nov. 16, 2019: SSC discussion

Does that mean we'll get more progress if everyone in a certain field gathers in one place? Perhaps.

After thinking about this a bit, I'm not sure I agree. First, gathering everyone together puts all the eggs in one basket, which risks vulnerability to external disruption (e.g. the Nazis taking over Budapest). Second, a brain-drain of intellectuals into one central city deprives up-and-coming students (if they can't afford to relocate) of teachers and mentors.