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Effective children education

Thanks Vil. I agree with Ericf below that you seem to try to take it more generically than I intended (i.e. I realize that I have resources 99% of the local population doesn't). That said, I fully agree with you on these points.

it takes about 1 hour to teach at home what they teach at school in 1 day

These are good datapoints, thanks. 

And yeah, I would hope that with internet and some good courses which would give the kids some "library" of what I could learn + mixed with the self-driven learning wouldn't need a full attention of a tutor. 

Effective children education

Thanks for clarifying my questions.

The key point (I'm synthesizing this from How Children Learn and How Children Fail, by John Holt) [...]

It's very much similar to what @Raj mentioned above, am I right? Seems that Holt advocates for self-driven learning, e.g. from a goodreads review:

Holt believes that children learn best when they learn at their own pace and pursue their own interests--learning should never be forced or uniform, but spontaneous and dynamic. Children don't need to be "taught" -- they simply need to be given opportunites to LEARN

Thanks for the tips though, those two books (How Children Learn | Fail) are definitely going on my reading list.

Effective children education

Hey Raj. Thanks a lot for an insightful post, it's definitely that sort of things I was looking after, regardless if I immediately agree with them or not.

1-self learning: How I read it so far is that instead of selecting "the way" first and optimizing it later, instead it might be a good idea to focus on learning how to learn by yourself first, recognizing what's the most effective in any given case, be it via internet or an actual human resource such as a tutor.

By the way, my solely main motivation for her to know English was the access to much better materials so she can learn by herself.

I would also check out Sudbury or democratic schools, which are schools with high behavioral space and very low in coercion.

A quick search shows that there are some very reasonably priced democratic schools around. So great to see there are some options like this (at least, I will be able to get some references or even visit them myself)

there are a lot of priors I'm guessing we don't share that might make some of this not make sense. Please bring them up and I will try to answer them though most answers could probably be found in some way on supermemo.guru.

I think your post does make sense to me on this level. I think I have to first go through the linked material, which will surely take some time to process (thanks!).

Effective children education

Thanks @ericf!

How neurotypical is your child?

She's regular kid, so neurotypical. Goes to an English speaking kindergarten (so she speaks fluently two languages + we are starting with Spanish) where she does above average according to the teachers with behavior and socializing, although she prefer playing with teachers and older kids. Thanks to the fact that one of us didn't have to work, we could spend a lot of time with her in the first 3 years and now she can read simple words and sentences (in English - how I hate its irregularities damn!) and do simple arithmetic already. That likely puts her in higher percentiles, but nothing super exceptional nor she shows signs of extremely high intelligence or capabilities. Frankly, she also doesn't have anyone to inherit these from...

Do you have someone who can spend 10-40 hours a week educating them (depending on the first answer), or the cash to hire someone for that amount of time?

Fortunately for me, salaries for teachers are one of the lowest from the OECD. Depending on the efficiency, me paying a private tutor ~30h/week would be technically feasible and I would still have some money left, but it would be at the edge of what I could spend. I believe this cost could be shared through multiple kids if that was the way to go. I myself have masters in CompSci and my girlfriend masters in pedagogy (not the child development though, although I mean it means little here anyway), so homeschooling done by us is also an option but for me there is definitely much higher opportunity cost (and I wouldn't enjoy it full time, same as my girlfriend).

1-on-1 instruction for the (child-dependent) sufficient amount of time each week can be applied by anyone with 1SD above average intelligence and a little bit of "how to teach" education. This is the simplest way to ensure someone learns all the key skills (Arithmatic, Algebra, Reading to learn, Writing to communicate, basic facts about history & science)

Do you have any resources or even anecdotal evidence for this? It sounds true to me, but I would say it's super obvious. Are you referring to e.g. Blooms 2SD?

Once they are old enough to attend High School classes, if you have access to a large (400+ per grade level) school they can get some good specialized classes that would be harder to do with general tutors. Junior college classes are also an option, depending on maturity level.

Sorry, I am not entirely familiar with these as we are not US-based. Based on googling, is what you mean:

  1. large schools having specialized classes: is it that once they are big enough, they can have some special programs like in-depth dive into, say, physics or something? Or do you have some specific classes in mind? 
  2. Junior colleges - we don't really have that where I live, we only have universities, but I think it still applies - she could attend them as they are free to attend for anyone actually (at least lectures).

To be fair though, I am very skeptical I could find many good classes in these, but it's surely an area I want to explore (although it's not a priority now, given her age).

What Resources on Journal Analysis are Available?

In a way that you never "go back" and edit the "immutable" previous writeups, right?

What Resources on Journal Analysis are Available?

Sorry, a quick question: linear means something like:

  • Tuesday: I bough bananas and strawberries
  • Wednesday: Bananas are good

while non-linear means

  • Bananas:
    • I bought them (Tuesday)
    • They are good (Wednesday)
  • Strawberries
    • I bought them (Tuesday)


Tabletop Role Playing Game or interactive stories for my daughter

Yeah, seems that we use success system by default then. Thanks again!

Tabletop Role Playing Game or interactive stories for my daughter

Thanks, that's pretty interesting, it's good to get some inspiration from it and then replace "inappropriate" words by something from her vocabulary (like princesses, dogs, cats instead of murderer, undead, zombie, ...) :-D . We'll get there, eventually.

Tabletop Role Playing Game or interactive stories for my daughter

Thanks, that's stupid simple, love it. It seems that the little one likes cooperative storytelling a lot, but she doesn't understand the dices and the concept of opposing checks very well. I still do some hoping she picks up, eventually...

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