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A Brief Introduction to Container Logistics

Oh, I really enjoyed reading this, this is so LW-rationality-curiosity-boggle-at-things post. Thanks!

Bets, Bonds, and Kindergarteners

Thanks, that's helpful.

Also, kudos for Lily to know active listening and being awesome.

Bets, Bonds, and Kindergarteners

I am curious about how you introduced money to your kids? Do you have some "framework" for that? I did a small research and didn't end up with any really novel ideas (I am happy to share my findings and conclusions, but it's a fairly small page in roam).

Basically, what I want to do with my daughter:

  • give her an opportunity to earn money by doing age-appropriate jobs (helping me to clean the kitchen), but not for things that she's expected to do for "reasonable reasons", such as cleaning her toys in common areas, rather lower allowance (but some)
  • make it clear that she can make more by doing more elaborate stuff (for which she might have to learn a few things first - happy to help), encourage her to come up with new ideas by herself (entrepreneurship!)
  • introduce saving mechanism, e.g. giving her interest for money she's gonna put into my pocket
  • she can make more by betting and bonds as per your posts
  • she can do what she wants with her money (as long as it's safe, but can't really think about anything I would consider "forbidden"), let her do mistakes

I checked the marginal revolution repost and saw a few things that could go wrong...

Any other ideas?

Bets, Bonds, and Kindergarteners

This is an excellent post. I have been doing bets with my 4y old daughter already as well (and I am following your projects for a quite some time already)!

Why indoor lighting is hard to get right and how to fix it

Yeah, that's useful. Agree on the assessment, I want to give it a shot with one of those Bridgelux Vesta Thrive thing, it sounds like a good hobby project I would like to try. If that happens, I would do a post about it here.

Why indoor lighting is hard to get right and how to fix it

By the way, I asked about this setup on reddit. They also recommend some custom COBs, which seems to be the most powerful solution, but isn't as practical as strips.

Why indoor lighting is hard to get right and how to fix it

These look very promising, ship to Europe too. Extra high-CRI, very powerful (up 2600 lumens/m) and even dimmable? Wow. A bit unfortunate they are 5x times as much expensive than other high-CRI high-power led strip.

Why indoor lighting is hard to get right and how to fix it

I am glad there are more posts on this. Are there any reasons why not considering LED strips at all? When installed properly with the "milk" diffuser and as indirect lightning, it's IMO quite nice and effective. They seem to be powerful enough (20W are about 2k lumens/m), can be also found in high-CRI variants, less expensive, various CCT, dimmable, etc. I am considering using them in a new house. Basically, multiple parallel led (with different CCT, like 3000, 4500, 6400) strips diffused against a wall/ceiling, controlled via smart relays and incorporated in home automation (so physical switches turn e.g. just the one with 3000K after ~9pm).

I need to validate that in some studio, but my hope is that e.g. 50 000 lumens from 6x4 meters of high-CRI led strips of 3 different CCT diffused over a wall would provide sufficient daylight feeling + not taking any space, generate many shadows, looks nice and are OK to look at. If I could make it dimmable, it would be great, but there seem to be tradeoffs (dimmable ones are not that good on CRI apparently).

Btw. there are apps for phones with light detectors which seem to follow basic physics (like showing 4x times smaller number when being 2x times further from the source)

I just recently made my new ugly but sufficient lumenator (a combination of 6400K and 4500K CRI95+ 1500 lumen bulbs, still adding additional ones) and also managed to integrate a WiFi relay with Smart Bulbs to my home automation via Home Assistant with a fallback to manual switch. I also tried Home Assistant's "flux" component which sets the colour and brightness based on the sun position but replaced that idea with being less-sun-dependent. I want to have a lot of light until e.g. 8 pm regardless of the light outside and only then start dimming to red. Simple variant is plain automation with templating, hard but dynamic.

Rationality for Kids?

I am so glad this question is here, as it's very relevant to my post a few weeks back about Effective Children Education.

By the way, I recommend following Duncan Sabien (referenced in the post below) on Facebook, he has good posts about children edu, e.g. his speech for sixth-graders (referenced by someone else here - but she picked the good parts).

As mentioned below, Julia Galef also sometimes mentions something related, but I haven't found much

Effective children education

Hi! This is an excellent answer, thanks.

[...] I believe your questions relate to all three ways to different extents (although the title of the post leans towards the HOW types of questions), but I found it useful to differentiate between these issues in order to make sure my time, money and efforts are well spent.

Needless to say that I updated significantly in the past month since I posted this question and the "Why" and "What" has definitely enlarged. I agree with you that it's a useful framework to have. I am also thankful for the practical bits. 

I would like to close my comment by emphasizing that children are born rational beings, but they just start taking over from their parents when they provide them with irrational explanations for things that happen or might happen to them (one of my favorites, here in Romania, is that "If you don't stop crying, a big bad wolf will come and get you"), or they build defenses of their own that are irrational, to protect themselves from being hurt. I believe that our job as parents is, therefore, to be rational and predictive in relation to them, as well as gently making them aware of the instances when they use irrationality to run away from their feelings.

I probably understand what you mean here and agree at least with my steelman version of your argument. But I would also like to emphasize that I want the "other" people which are important for me to understand "rationality" that I can't imagine how one could "born" with. Examples are all the great knowledge of giants on which shoulders we stand on (like, say, probability), "simply" results of scientific progress (like how minds work, or some biases...), or practical guide of "you are a human, try to work with that fact in the best way you can". At least I and virtually everyone I met didn't born with these, nor they figure all that out by themselves.

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