Hi all!

We are excited to announce the Epistea Epistemics Workshop! This is the first out of a series of 3 workshops happening in Europe, organized and run by the Epistea team.


  • What: a 3.5 day workshop focusing on improving our epistemics and habits of belief formation
  • When: May 14th (Thu) - May 18th (Sun)  (With optional and recommended stay until Monday morning)
  • Where: in proximity to Oxford, UK
  • Price: 400£ (In case you hesitate to apply because of financial issues, let us know.)
  • Who are we: the Epistea team and external instructors
  • Application deadline: Sun, 15th of March 

Sign up here!

For more information, visit our website or send us an email at rationality@epistea.org.

We are looking forward to spending some exciting workshop days with you!


The Epistea team

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I attended Epistea Summer Experiment and greatly enjoyed it. (At the same time I am quite skeptical about value of any rationality workshops for EA-inspired work.)