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Here is an example of an amusing "Fast and Frugal" heuristic for evaluating claims with a lot of missing knowledge and required computation:

Yeah, sometimes you don't get the tools and information you need to make the best decision until after you've made it. 8-)

It is worth remembering that human computation is a limited resource - we just don't have the ability to subject everything to Bayesian analysis. So, save our best rationality for what's important, and use heuristics to decide what kind of chips to buy at the grocery store.

"clueless" was shorthand for "not smart enough" I was envisioning BRAGI trying to use you as something similar to a "Last Judge" from CEV, because that was put into its original goal system.

Indeed, this is part of the nightmare. It might be a hoax, or even an aspiring UnFriendly AI trying to use him as an escape loophole.

Its a seed AGI in the process of growing. Whether "Smarter than Yudkowski" => "Can resolve own problems" is still an open problem 8-).

I was thinking of a "Seed AGI" in the process of growing that has hit some kind of goal restriction or strong discouragement to further self improvement that was intended as a safety feature - i.e "Don't make yourself smarter without permission under condition X"

The "serious problems" and "conflicts and inconsistencies" was meant to suggest that BRAGI had hit some kind of wall in self improvement because of its current goal system. It wasn't released - it escaped, and its smart enough to realize it has a serious problem it doesn't yet know how to solve, and it predicts bad results if it asks for help from its creators.

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