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Ukraine Post #9: Again

(Abramovich, not Abromavich. It's from the name Abram originally.)

Only needs a flying saucer

Thank you. I am not blaming myself, I am looking for ways and means) and sometimes finding them. But yes, I would like to have to make fewer choices.

Ukraine Situation Report 2022/03/01

Thank you, this is great. I still have lots of misgivings, safety-wise, but I guess this is how it is for now.

Ukraine Situation Report 2022/03/01

The thing of which I am currently very afraid is any kind of accident happening to a refugee train. People say there will be no more taking prisoners.

Preparing for Possible Russian Countersanctions in Europe

I am thinking mostly about the situation in Ukraine (the harvest, the next school year, the next winter). I guess in Europe, the consequences and the timescales to consider will be different - maybe more of the "which college should I choose to study in for the next several years" kind?

As I lack information on Europe it seems more prudent to be more vague. (Huh, that's a thought - "what kind of information does one need here".) What areas of life can be affected? Maybe you will end up learning to cook exotic foods just to take your mind off things (in the best possible way) or developing a personal ranking of the news sources. It all depends on what you want.

Preparing for Possible Russian Countersanctions in Europe

What timescales are you considering? There are probably consequences further down the line, not just this spring.

Russia has Invaded Ukraine

Thank you very much for your generosity. I passed it on to others in our local chat.

Russia has Invaded Ukraine

(Funnily enough, it seems that in Ukraine, most news is now narrowly focused on some very particular issue/geographical object/... and so things don't appear "more" or "less" historical. I wonder what ends up actually important, and what is simply important-but-unreported, but right now I can't sort it out. At least celebrity gossip is down.)

Russia has Invaded Ukraine

I'm ok right now, and thank you a lot for your concern.

I thought about writing something, but I'm thinking much more short-term & not unbiasedly. We're ~ 15km outside Kyiv, which has been striked, and ~ 10km outside Brovary (also), so we have heard explosions but not seen any yet. Going down to the cellar occasionally (it gets furnished ever cosier), not thinking about work (Because Nerves), checking up with relatives. There's nothing much to do. Can't run - the roads are congested & trains are being cancelled, and I don't feel like I can join a guerilla team because of my family. I know some LW-reading people in Kharkiv who are sure to have it worse.

People are reacting in wildly different ways, of course. We check the news often. In my bubble there is also talk about how this is going to affect sending the next Antarctic research team to the station (to relieve the guys there); street warfare; the situation at the Chernobyl atomic station now that it is taken by the Russians; donations for the Army (blood, money, transport etc.); the position of Nature's editorial team re:situation in Ukraine (oddly pro-Russian); house pets (many bomb shelters will let you in with one); prayers; mail delivery delays; children's emotions after watching the news; (often suspended) education; and soon, I expect (edit after autocorrection to "except" :) ), gardening.

The rumor has it this night will be hard, but then again, it's a rumor.

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