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What observations do you as a customer would expect to matter, if your experience was 1000 times "stronger"?

byMary Chernyshenko 8mo1st Jan 20192 comments


No, this is not for marketing purposes because for marketing purposes it is useless.

I work in a small bookshop. Please stop here and feel that calm feeling of being introduced to a topic you already have some idea about, even if you have only ever been on the buying end of the business. This is your chance to ask yourself what expectations that intangible knowledge provides you - are there any particular things you think would "have weight", if your bookshop experience was a thousand times more, eh, experienced? (It's a nice round number, let's roll with it.) By "things having weight" I mean smth like "you still notice it after all this time" (1) and/or "you built a heuristic around it" (2) and/or "you observe it and know it to be the common way of things" (3) and/or "you know something for a convention that can, if need arises, be cast aside" (4) and/or "you seek it out as your clue for a specific action" (5).

And what do you think about what other people's answers would look like?

...And what do you think a bookseller's answers would look like?

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