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I want to start an annual Cryonics Census asking a few questions about what people think of cryonics. If we could coordinate to release it at the same time, and you wouldn't mind linking to the Cryonics Census from the LessWrong Census, that'd be great. I could also include a question asking whether the survey-filler consents to us associating their answers from both surveys.

Probably requires a lot of conscientiousness to self-study for those exams. I'd be fine with thesis papers remaining part of what you need to submit for the degree. But yeah, seems likely that "ability to go through university as it currently is" remains an arbitrary criteria that is maintained.

I think there's a significant amount of people between "not conscientious and intelligent enough for self-study" and "conscientious and intelligent enough that no degree is needed".

For example, there are really interesting jobs I can't get because I don't have a business degree nor a US work permit. I'm qualified enough for those jobs, and I'm pretty sure I'd do better self-studying, but I need a degree to prove it to the US government. I might become successful enough to get some other visas, such as by investing a lot in the US economy, but I still think there's a lot of people in this middle ground.

Relatedly, anyone knows a good fully-remote business degree where one wouldn't need to attend classes at specific times, uses HTML-based videos so one can speed them up with a browser extension, has a lot of dense text-based information / few videos, and which one could complete in a short time frame (ie. where one could do all exams in a short period of time)?

i really like the (misalignment? 😅) vibe of this "much worse AI"; makes me think i should maybe sometimes tell the new AIs to generate images in the style of older AIs 😅

I was glad I could help. Thanks for making this happened ☺️

Definitely sometimes true, but there are also many areas where the agent doing the coordination is the one extracting all the profit (like most marketplaces). Related: Laws of Tech: Commoditize Your Complement

I recently talked with the minister of innovation in Yucatan, and ze's looking to have competitions in the domain of artificial intelligence in a large conference on innovation they're organizing in Yucatan, Mexico that will happen in mid-November. Do you think there's the potential for a partnership?

damn, i'm not sure; maybe it was my Twitter cover picture: (this is content i modified from someone else)

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