What games are using the concept or theme of a Schelling point?

I'm asking given Schelling Day is approaching.


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Along similar lines of trying to coordinate through a limited amount of allowed communication: Codenames, Mysterium, Hanabi, and The Mind

I second The Mind, seems to be close to what you're looking for as described in your other comment.

A lot of team or cooperative games where communication is disallowed and information is limited have aspects of Schelling points. Hanabi is a cooperative card game that encourages using Schelling points. Though higher levels of play require players to establish ahead of time a set of rules for what each possible action is meant to communicate, which rather diminishes that aspect of the game. Arguably bridge is in a similar position with partners communicating via bidding.

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Can you be more specific about what sort of games you're asking about and what your goal is?

Hmmm. I guess the ideal for my immediate desire would be a 2-3 player game that takes less than 30 minutes to play. Goal is just to do something fun, and I find it extra-fun to follow the Schelling Day theme ^^

Yeah the OP gives basically no guidelines, I recommend updating it to be clearer.

Thanks for the tip! I guess I'm also interested in collecting such games more generally. I'd rather cast my net wider. ☺

Given that I don't know when Schelling Day is, I doubt its existence.