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A math question

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Student meetups

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Rationalist Movies (Spoilers for the film Limitless)

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Columbia University Meetup

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Singularity Summit 2010 Less Wrong Meetup

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I think you're dramatically underestimating how your responses are being read by third parties. Your style of response to handoflixue specifically has made at least one person I've spoken to decide to avoid giving you well thought out criticism out of fear of you yelling at them and being ...(read more)

Explore the world. Meet people, read books, find blogs like this one. Hopefully something will inspire you.

No. We can't extrapolate a trend. That's what"You cannot expect that future evidence will sway you in a particular direction" means.

Likely more than the list price of those procedures. People who have expensive potentially harmful procedures being done on them would get great benefits having MetaMed review those procedures.

Jaan is also the CTO, I'm not sure if that's on the website.

If you're commited to rationality, then you're putting your belief system at risk every day. Any day you might acquire more information and be forced to change you belief system, and it could be very unpleasant and be very disturbing.

--Michael Huemer

Are you of the opinion that people on this site, in their daily lives, are erring on the side of implementing _too many_ high status moves? Or that the people you met in SF while at the mega-camp were doing this stuff too much (Michael Vassar and Eliezer aside)? I agree that the optimum isn't either...(read more)

Tell the person in both states that if he finds the coin an arbitrary dog is going to die and the subject will receive $100. Then just before the subject starts to hide the coin, show the a cute puppy to them. The subject will try to hide the coin very well, and then later, without the memory of the...(read more)

When I would explain wanting vs liking vs approving Sex was my go to example for an activity that fits all three.