Singularity Summit 2010 Less Wrong Meetup

by Mycroft655361 min read11th Aug 20106 comments


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It's been a whole year (almost) and the Singularity Summit is upon us again. This time, instead of having a Meetup for only a few hours, we're going to have a continuous meetup lasting the entire length of the Summit. We will have a room adjacent to the lobby with a sign proclaiming "Less Wrong Meetup." We can discuss the topics brought up in the Summit, exploring their implications, and just having fun with a large concentration of rationalists in an intellectually stimulating environment. 

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Will there be a video feed in the room?

I'm totally gonna spend more time at the LW meetup than listening to speeches (unless you count post-summit podcasting time).

Will anyone be driving up through the south bay with whom I could get a ride to the summit?

[-][anonymous]11y 0

I cannot afford to register for the Summit: can I still attend the Less Wrong Meetup?

(I am not using the "cannot afford" trope as a polite brush off: I really do believe that registering for the Summit would be a good use of my discretionary income if I had any discretionary income.)

See you there!

Ah, nifty! I will be there.