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There have been a rush of meetups being formed the last few weeks. I'm curious if any of them have been student groups at schools. I'd like to talk to anyone who's organizing a meetup at school, or attending a meetup at a school, or attending school and would like to have a meetup.

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The Future Tech Club at Harvey Mudd occasionly hosts our Southern California meet ups, and manage to attract quite a few students. Maksym (user::MTaran) could probably give more information.

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They're fun.

Thanks for hosting the prefrosh.

I'd be very happy if a meetup somehow materialized at my school, but I don't think I personally have the energy to arrange one. I also have no idea how many people would even show up- our undergraduate population is huge, but not significantly above the sanity waterline on average, so I wouldn't estimate the number of lesswrongers to be very high. The Skeptics club might be willing to help set one up though. Feel free to PM me if you want to go into details.

The Oxford group (I think our actual title is "Rationality and AI Risks Discussion group or something silly like that) is basically comprised of students (undergraduate/PhD students).

Was there anything in particular you wanted to talk about?

I'm interested in sharing notes on discussion topics, recruitment efforts, and demographic balancing.

If you message me your email I'll cc in Alex Flint, who was the main imputus behind us.