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The Apprentice Thread

[MENTOR] I just finished high school last year so my primary intended audience are probably people who are still in high school. Reach out if you're interested in any of these:

  • competitive physics
  • applying to US colleges from outside the US and Getting Into World-Class Universities (undergrad)
  • navigating high school effectively (self-study, prioritization)
  • robotics (Arduino, 3D printing)
  • animation in manim (the Python library by 3blue1brown) basics
  • lucid dreaming basics

[APPRENTICE] Navigating college effectively (deciding what to aim for and how to balance time commitments while wasting as little time as possible). I don't know how much I should care about grades, which courses I should take, or how much I should follow the default path for someone in college. I'm aiming to maximize my positive impact on the long-term future. A message or short call with someone who has (mostly) finished college would be great!

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